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08/11/09 04:30 PM #11    


Larry Froehlich

Marsha, glad you logged on and are enjoying the web site. Let me know if you have any suggestions or items to add......other than that picture you're looking for!!

08/13/09 11:01 AM #12    


Paul Effinger

Thanks for the web page Larry, It sure brings back the Good old Days. Berea will always be "HOME" When I can retire I'd like to move back to Ohio. My kid sister still lives back there in Brunswick. The folks are buried there and as I said its home for me. my roots are there. People are friendlier there. Hope you and everyone are doing well. Next time you all get together have a beer on me.

11/28/09 12:33 AM #13    

Tom Grant

As i got older I started wondering what ever happened to ????
This is good stuff Larry.
To Bill Gear, howdy
I didn't join that classmates web site because a fella I know got screwed bad on charges and took him about 6mo to get things rite.
However, this is real fine
I'll add to my profile a little bit at a time.
Is there a place where I can get a year book so I'll remb what U peoples look like lol???

11/28/09 09:21 AM #14    


Larry Froehlich

Tom, I'm not sure if any yearbooks are available but if you click on Classmate Profile (on the top of the page) and then Show Yearbook Photos.........we are all there!

01/02/10 06:13 PM #15    

Karen Pennoyer (Curnow)

Great site job. I am so pleased that I can now see how classmates are faring.

I also posted my business that I am having trouble with. I hope you can all check out parentingpracticalities.com
Sorry...but I am getting desperate.

01/07/10 08:03 PM #16    


Lynne Bolon (Aidikoff)

Hey Larry,
I remember all the things you posted on your list except painting the wood and they were vanilla cokes at Gray's!

Even though I've lived in California for 47+ years, the memories from Berea are etched in my heart. They are such a part of my being. Fairwood, Rhoem and Berea High.

Thanks for this site and making it possible to re-live those times!


01/30/10 05:48 PM #17    

Kathleen Gregg (Beckman)

I have been a "Community Volunteer" at Roehm Middle School for the last 15 years working with the Music Department Patron Drive.
The flyer that goes home with the students reads: "The money from this Patron Drive is used to benefit the many Roehm students involved with the music program. It will be used to strengthen the talents of our young musicians. Your willingness to contribute is greatly appreciated and your name will appear in our concert program through December of this year. The entire Music Department appreciates your donation and cordially invites you to attend the concerts."
If anyone would like to contribute you can reach me through the BHS Class of 1966 website. Patron Drive is from February 1 to February 22, 2010.
Thank you. KGB

02/08/10 01:17 PM #18    


Larry Froehlich

Kathy, can we send a check to you? Made out to?

02/08/10 11:37 PM #19    

Kathleen Gregg (Beckman)

Yes, you can send Music Patron Drive donations to me at 278 Baker Street, Berea, OH 44017. Make checks payable to Roehm Middle School. The listing options are: Friend - $5.00, Patron - $10.00, Super Patron - $20.00, Gold - $35.00, Platinum - $50.00 and Diamond - $75.00. At the Diamond level you can have a business card printed in the concert programs. For any level let me know the full name you wish listed.
Thank you for your support. KGB

02/15/10 01:42 AM #20    

Gary Kujanek

Larry, awesome, awesome, awesome...we were all so lucky to grow up in Berea. Wildwood Lake & later Crystal Lake, The Nest, Grays Candy Kitchen, Nick's on the Triangle, Berea Pool, singing the National Anthem..."and the home of the...BRAVES!!!", the wonderful Cleveland Metropolitan Park, dancing class at Lechner School, Mr Gorman's ("The Blade") Basketball Teams, Skip's Pool Hall, Gormans (where I bought my first camera---press the button outside the window to operate the Christamas train display), the "Tower" at BHS, the Librarian (was it...Ms Brooks?), Ms White for Senior English, the Cuyahoga County Fair, summer Little League at the Fairgrounds with Coach Tebelak, Hrivnak & PE at Roehm...the Class of '69 needs a site like this!! This is really good stuff!

02/23/10 02:49 PM #21    


Larry Froehlich

Gary, thank you very much. The site has been a lot of fun! Thanks for reminding us about "pushing the button" outside of Gorman's! I had forgotten all about that but your comment brought back some fond memories. Thanks!

PS: I'd be happy to help the Class of '69 if they decide to have a site.

03/23/10 07:55 PM #22    

Joann Hemphill (Kahn)

Hi Larry
I enjoyed your video. What can you do with two batteries? Mr. Wizard couldn't do this stuff!

Joann Hemphill Kahn

04/01/10 01:57 PM #23    


Larry Froehlich

Thanks Joann..........that is an example with a man that has too much time on his hands! I wonder what I can rig up this summer??

05/04/10 07:46 AM #24    

Kathleen Gregg (Beckman)

 Thanks to Larry and Gerry for organizing the May 1 Breakfast Get Together.  Always a fun time.  The food at Mike's Bar and Grill is good and the company was interesting.  Hope there are many more opportunities to catch up and remember.       KGB

02/10/11 05:41 AM #25    


Sharon Blake (Blasius)

I have very much enjoyed this great site and appreciate the work Larry has done to make it so wonderful. 

I am sorry that I have not had the opportunity to participate in the activities that have been planned.

I have an unplanned trip to Cleveland on Feb. 11.  I do not know may schedule right now, but will probably be in town for a week, maybe two.

If there will be any meetings of our classmates during that time, I would love to be included.  My cell number is 561-715-3878.

Sharon Blake Blasius

08/18/11 07:34 PM #26    


Larry Froehlich

Everyone remembers the Friday night, after the football game dances but do you remember the names of any of the bands?  Do you remember “the Challengers”  “Derry Culver” or “the Johnny Joe Four”?  The names were provided by John Goodworth, thanks John!

12/22/11 06:52 PM #27    

Ken Garver

I was in Geln Allinger's Algebra II class about 1:30 or so, we were on the second floor top of the stairs in the SW corner of the old building.  He had asked Wally Mischnick a question: just  as he finished the question the PA came on and told us that president Kennedy had been shot.  There was a ~5 second period of stunned silence and no one know what to do or say then Wally very calmy and quietly answered the question.  It was the almost surreal the way Wally could answer it (correctly as I recall) and we all went back to work. 


Ken Garver

04/10/14 02:43 PM #28    


Larry Froehlich

This is a note from Scott Loomis (April 9, 2014):

Larry, not sure what form to use to convey this story but we have had house guests who have visited us for several years during ski season in Park City. She graduated from Kent High School in 1966.

We recently had a conversation about Cleveland T.V when we were growing up -Captain Penny, Barnabee, Jungle Larry and the like. We then started on Ghoulardi and it was fun to relive our memories.

A couple of weeks after they left a book arrived at our house- "Ghoulardi Cleveland T.V's Wildest Ride" by Tom Ferand and R.D.Helenfels. I read it and it was something only someone of our generation growing up in the Cleveland area would appreciate. It covered a lot more than Ernie Anderson and was a great look back at our era. I would highly recommend it to our Berea classmates.

Thanks for all you do. Scott


06/17/14 07:50 PM #29    

Kathleen Gregg (Beckman)

I have posted two photos of the demolition of Roehm Junior in the galleries under the "Add Your Pix Here" tab.

The gym, locker rooms and some of the back class rooms will be saved for the sports complex that the school district is developing on this site.  Our childhoods are slowly disappearing.

Hope our class has a good turn out for the BHS All Class Reunion on Friday, July 18. 

04/18/18 11:21 AM #30    

Jim Stepancik '67

At times 'The Nest' turned into a punch palace.


04/19/18 10:51 AM #31    

Don Graham

Bought the Goulardhi book. My thanks to Scott for the recommendation.

09/21/18 11:50 AM #32    

Tom Andersen

Watched the Browns/ NY Jets game last night.  It sure looks like you have a quarterback in that Baker Mayfield, he is a keeper.  So happy to see the Browns possibly be relevant again.

07/20/21 04:11 PM #33    

Tim Bailey

Barry Mahannah, I can not believe that you popped up.  I think alot of our past and jumping off your garage roof into your side yard.  In fact, with in th last week or so I remembered the same thing and was thinking about your Sister.  Hope all is well with you and now I know that you are in Tenn, a  great state   Tim Bailey

07/09/22 06:50 PM #34    

Phil Hopkins

I want to thank Jim Stepancik for the wonderful class pictures that he found for the old Central. School.  I attended Central School from 3rd through 7th grades.  Jim and I had many of the same teachers, so most of his pictures inccluded me.  It brought back wonderful memories to see them after more than 60 years.

Phil Hopkins


03/13/24 11:27 AM #35    

Carl Sommers


Tom Mayer passed away a little while ago. here is his obituary. service is this saturday march 16 in north olmstead. 

Thomas Robert Mayer, Jr., 75, was born on September 29, 1948, to the late Marian and Thomas Mayer.
Tom passed away on January 22, 2024. Beloved husband of Margaret "Peggy" Mayer. Cherished father of Leslie (Troy), Janet, and Dan (Jackie). Loving grandfather of 6.
Dear brother of Michael (Patsy), Patty Owens (deceased) (Lavon), Pam Daniels (Jack), Kevin (Merry), Kathy Dombrowski (Marty), Ellen, Bob, and Jimmy (deceased). Cousin of so many.
A memorial service will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2024, at noon at Sunset Memorial Chapel, 6245 Columbia Road, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070. A graveside ceremony will follow at Sunset Memorial Park.

To plant trees in memory, please visit the Sympathy Store.


carl sommers 



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