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'66 Yearbook & Will



Our Senior Pictures 

These ads are from the back of the 1966 Berean. 



  • We, Nancy Berg and Mary Jane Peters leave to Mr. Schoek our guns – we’re resigning as outlaws.
  • We Laurie Brunner, Linda Green, Donna Hughes, and Sue Willoughby leave Mr. Minich……….Thank God!
  • I, Rich Bruggerman and Jim Bycynski leave Mr. McWilliams a new mind without conceit.
  • I, H. P. Cambareri, leave to Miss Durre, 15,493 used passes signed by Mr. Stavole. I also leave Stavole 15,493 returned passes signed by Miss Durre.
  • I, Jo Ann Ciresi leave to Miss Cochran, my title of “Coach” to be used as she sees fit and to Miss Webster my Charming Children’s Songbook.
  • I, James Chrysler, leave Mrs. Schidler, my white slip.
  • We, Joyce Collins, Bev Lytle, and Peggy Eastwood, leave to Mrs. Moore a rake, hoe, and a water pail for her vegetable garden of ’66.
  • I, Dum Dum, leave to next year’s DE class, two fake passes to Spudnut Donut shop and one fake ID card.
  • I, Jon Filina, leave to Ginny Walker my crazy idiotic ways with the hope that she can do more with them than I did.
  • We, Sue Delafield and Gail Fuller leave to next year’s Modern Dance class our run run leaps!
  • I, Lynn Fritz leave to Berea High School Danny Healey. Take good care of him, he’ll be here a while.
  • I, Doug Good, leave to Mr. Hennis a full length pin-up of Dorothy Fuldheim.
  • I, John Goodworth, leave Mr. Schoek and Mr. Andrisek the Knowledge that I have cut 250 classes and haven’t been caught.
  • I, Don Graham, leave to the Berea High Swim Team 20 pair of surplus swim fins.
  • We, Dave Gray and Sue Taliak leave the Pep Club the following cheer to be used at all football games: “Rah, Rah, ree, kick ‘em in the knee. Rah, Rah, rass, kick them in the ………other knee!”
  • I, Linda Gray, leave to Linda Sylvia Gray my middle name – Sheryl.
  • I, Linda Gray, leave to Linda Sheryl Gray my middle name – Sylvia.
  • I, Denny Graves, leave to Berea High 35 required paperback books that I never read.
  • I, Dave Grulke, keep the power in the family, leave the office of president to my brother, Eric.
  • We, Barb and Kathie Gutzman leave the thought that are more Gutzmans to come. Our homeroom leaves to Mr. Sutton a bigger homeroom.
  • I, Jim Haber, leave to Mr. Zimmerman one undone book of Physics experiments.
  • I, Janet Rackel, leave to Mrs. Zeuch my co-ordination for any underclassmen she deems worthy of it.
  • I, Allison Sharp, leave to John Reed all my knowledge of the French language.
  • I, John Wisenbaugh, leave to Mr. Wilson the knowledge that his name is easy to forget.
  • I, Russ Nicholson, leave to Mr. Minich the satisfaction of knowing that “I didn’t do anything” so he doesn’t have to say “why would you do that Nicholson?” anymore.
  • I, Craig Hasel, leave to Mr. Privitera these words” “you could be great………….but I doubt it.”
  • I, Joann Hemphill leave to Dave Law, Gertrude the worm and to Sally Taylor, Mildred the Cow.
  • I, Pam Inman, leave to the next year’s DE class the fun parties of DECA and contests.
  • We Dot Jones, Sandy Bell, and Judi Altina leave to Mr. Schoek a year’s supply of tardy passes in hopes he has three faithful students as us.
  • I, Rick Jellen, leave to Thomas Lundberg the girls I couldn’t find time for.
  • I, Randy Kerka, leave to Mr. Bell and the football coaches’ one large volume of the merits of Karate.
  • We, Karen and Jo Ann, the senior majorettes, leave to Kay Jarvis, some more confusion, to Betty Fitzgerald, some free piano lessons; to Roberta Gryzlo a little silver whistle; and to the whole group we leave the misery of next year’s sophomore majorettes.
  • I, Sue Leasure, leave Jack Zacharias under the evil eye of Nancy.
  • I, Sue Mattison, leave to Sherry Major my book of typing drills.
  • I, Barb Mellen, leave the ’67 focus staff the ability to “go get ads.”
  • We, the Senior Chorus members, leave Mr. Critchfield another pair of pink underwear.
  • I, Duncan Moore, leave to Mr. Dulmage one postal scale for weighing term papers.
  • I, Fred Meyers, leave Mr. Garman a new tie.
  • I, Mary Nash, leave Pete Natko, the fun of trying to find bassoon reeds that will play.
  • We, The Honors English class, leave to Miss West full publishing rights to all material in our mass media notebooks.
  • We, a couple of Senior Men from 8th period lunch leave to Windsor Fritz, alias Mr. Schoek, Locker #89 and #164 and all their contents.
  • We, Cheryl Thacker and Jim Young, Senior representatives of his Sophomore history class, leave to Mr. Hennis one extra large Surfer Cross.
  • I, John Shocker, leave to Berea High School my two rear bearings and an old set of skateboard wheels.
  • We, the students of Senior English, leave to Miss West 11 cases of “No Doz”.
  • I, Joe Sperk leave to Gary Morris (Kong), the fastest ’55 Chevy in the school?
  • We, the Senior girls, leave Bowser…….lost somewhere in the school………to anyone who can find him.
  • We, the 11th period physics class, leave to Mr. Zimmerman 427 sets of work sheets and the knowledge that he would have needed to correct only one.
  • We, Pat Rowan and Becky Yoder, leave our chairs in Mr. Minich’s 1st period Economics Class to two unsuspecting juniors who run to school and smile a lot.
  • I, Cathy Cookson, leave Mr. Andrisek all the integrity that I lost by leaving school during my fabulous 20 minute lunch period and one slightly used Braves Pass.
  • We, the Senior Class, leave in regret knowing that Mr. Andrisek has censored all good class wills.
  • We, the Senior Lettermen, leave to Mr’s Bell, Hennis, and Gorsline a 40 pound, 2 week diet.
  • I, Cookie Demczyk, leave Donna Hughes in hopes that she may leave with the Class of ’67.
  • We, Mary Jane Peters, Donna Dirk, and rose Schaedler, leave to Nancy Leasure the right to go to Midpark next year to graduate.
  • I, Dan Hover, being of sound mind, do here by leave Berea High, at last!
  • We, Edna Lancaster and Betsy Baluk, leave Berea High School, holding hands.
  • I, Sue Stinehart leave to my sister, Ginger, my dancing ability.
  • I, Art Stroka, leave to Berea High, my locker full of rubbish.
  • We, Betsi and Bill Supple, leave to Mr. Andrisek and Mr. Schoek the knowledge we are the last of this generation.
  • I, Sue Taliak, sympathetically leave to Bob Kerr chewed fingernails, circles under the eyes, the inability to complete homework, and the loss of sleep while attempting to meet Berea deadlines.
  • I, Emily Rieker, leave to Melody McCollum, next year’s assistant Berean Editor, all the work the rest of the staff will never do and wishes for as good an editor as I had this year.
  • I, Michael Tebelak, leave to Mr. Andrisek one envelope containing my beard.
  • I, Ron Thomas, leave to Bob Bartolomei, 150 Science Fair entry blanks (better luck next year, Bob).
  • I, Daniel Ticherich, leave to Mr. Coniam a complete book of how to keep order in class, and how to make experiments work.
  • I, Cheryl Thacker, leave to Mr. Andrisek the knowledge that we are the third class in a row to be the most mature class at Berea High in a long time.
  • I, TWK, leave to Mr. Schoek the satisfaction of knowing that I skipped 108 periods.
  • We, Henry Cambareri, Chad Norcross, Kam Deetz, Bill Miller and Jim Jungeberg, the Honor’s Section of Mr. Harmon’s 11th period math class do leave him one oil portrait of Mr. Zimmerman posing with Dave “the thorn” Chrestensen. In order to be perfectly fair, we do also leave to Mr. Zimmerman one oil portrait of Mr. Harmon posing with “the thorn”.
  • I, Keith Lare, leave to Mr. Minich a book entitled Dictatorship Made Easy in hopes that he may further succeed in his quest for domination of his students.
  • We, Ron Thomas and Duncan Moore leave next year’s PSSC class the knowledge that the height of the flagpole is 18.2 meters and the mass of an electron is 9 X 10-31 kilograms.
  • I, Connie Phillips, leave to Miss Cochran, my warts on the locker room floor.
  • We, Kathleen Russell and Susan Vanko leave Mr. Burnam in peace.
  • I, John Roberts, leave to my brother my ragged sweat clothes in the hopes that they will perspire him to do better.
  • We, the Senior wrestlers leave to the remainder of the team the franchise to the name of Gee Club.
  • I, Debbie Schaefer, leave to my homeroom teacher, Mr. Sanborn, my sister Barbie, who plans to uphold the Schaefer tradition and perhaps even break the record I hold for tardiness.
  • I, Dottie Steblecki, leave to Mr. Hennis a season ticket to the Memphis road drive-in.
  • I, Nancy Erdner leave to Marhie Monchak all the many joys of being short.
  • To a group of up-coming senior girls, Jolyn Godley leaves a special table in the cafeteria in hopes that they will have as many good laughs as a certain group of girls did this year.
  • I, Kathy Walters, leave to Greg Matthei, the thought you might get Mr. McWilliams for English in summer school.
  • I, Rich Zseberan, leave to Mr. Schoek, all my fake excuses.
  • I, John Z leave to Mr. Privatera (Pizza), one flattened out pizza and one spaghetti bender.
  • We, the shorthand II class leave to Miss Robinson all the I and I did’s in our papers.
  • We, the fourth year Spanish class leave to Miss Durre, ten nuns, one doctor, one baby, and one footnoter, and one priest in hopes that she’ll use them wisely.
  • I, John Dupius, leave to Mr. Garman, one purple tie, one madras jacket and a belt.
  • We, Mr. Bell’s senior gym class leave him one super strength corset so that he can be in shape too!



Below are Graduation Requirements: 17 credits (today Ohio requires 24!)


These are the requirements for the Juniors (Class of 1967)

These are the requirements for the Seniors (Class of 1966)

1965-1966 Student Handbook