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Barb Eisner Wiese

Profile Updated: June 23, 2014
Barb Eisner
Residing In:
Westerville, OH USA
Owner/Purchasing Manager
Brian born 4/14/78
Scott born 5/6/81
Yes! Attending Reunion

I graduated from Meyers College (business school). I got a job with Diamond Shamrock in the legal department. I married in 1970 and moved to Columbus. I got a job as a legal secretary with a local real estate company. I started Ohio State but realized I needed 4 years and at night that was going to be long. So I went to Capital University for paralegal training for two years. Paul was self employed as an electrical engineer. We started family when we thought he could actually support both of us. I then started working with him to build the business. We have an electronics assembly business now with 15 people. I learned tennis from my husband who played in college. We played ever since and both belong to teams thru USTA and travel some. Of course, I'm on the senior division now. But hey that's not too bad.
updated: 6/23/14 Okay I'm a grandma now. One son is in Lyndhurst and works as an engineer at Rockwell Automation. He has a daughter who is 3 now. She is beautiful. They are looking for a house in Chagrin Falls or surrounding area. My other son is working at Avcom and going back to school at Franklin University. He has a son who is 1-1/2. I love grandchildren. They are best kids ever.
I am still working. Paula and I are trying to figure out how to get out of the business but keep it going. We'll see.
I am actually still playing competitive tennis. I am the oldest on the team but hey I'm still out there. We let the 20 somethings play singles. I play doubles only.
We have a Wednesday night date night at a dance club so we are trying to get better at the east coast swing. It's fun.
We are now fixing up the 30 year old house. Everything needs replacing.

School Story:

I always loved the way the school put one teacher in charge of one huge study hall in the cafeteria. What was his name--Conner??? Anyway, he was never in control. Poor guy. I really remember that Kennedys assassination was announced in that study hall. I was in 10th grade but I can still recall how I felt.

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It's Barb Eisner Wiese's birthday today.
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It's Barb Eisner Wiese's birthday today.
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It's Barb Eisner Wiese's birthday today.
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It's Barb Eisner Wiese's birthday today.
Sep 14, 2014 at 4:33 AM
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